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What is KeePass?

KeePass is a secure password management software, capable of storing and managing all your usernames and passwords in a single, secure database that is accessed by either a password or security keyfile. The database is secured and encrypted using extremely strong algorithms to ensure your logins are safe and sound.

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Top Features

  • Centralized Password Management
  • Encrypted Storage of your Passwords
  • Easily Portable Database Transfer
  • Export to Other Formats
  • Strong Password Generator
  • Open Source and Free
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  • Strong Security

    KeePass encrypts the whole database (not just your passwords) using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to ensure your usernames and logins are kept secure at all times. The database can only be accessed via a master password or password file. Your password will not be accessible via keyloggers either as entry is done over a secure desktop.

    Easily Portable

    KeePass is portable, it can be transferred onto a USB stick or other media without needing to be re-installed. Easily transfer your password database for when you're on the go and have complete access to all your logins.

    Export to Other Formats

    KeePass can easily import data from other password management applications such as Password Keeper and Password Agent. Alternatively, passwords can be imported via text or CSV formats. KeePass can also export to a wide range of formats as well via a wide range of plugins.

    Password Generator

    KeePass can also generate extremely difficult passwords automatically for you to ensure your passwords are hard to guess. Pick how many characters and type of characters to use and password generator will pick a strong password for you.

    Open Source

    KeePass is completely free and was built to be portable and open-source so you can see exactly how it works. By being open-source, this prevents backdoors and hacks from being made, you can compile the program from the source code and modify it as you like.

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